Τρίτη, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2007

Google it!!!

Few weeks ago, i had a conversation with a friend of mine. we were talking about information and how difficult is for us -the students- to find all the information that we need for our essays in the library... the point from this chat was that without the Google our lives would be different.

But is this true??? and if it is, is this normal???

It's the first period in the history, where each one have access in information for anything wishes and could use it in any way he will select. in the reality the information were always there, in a covered with dust volume of encyclopedia in a library… the question is, how simple is to reach someone this information.

The Internet is not enough… the revolution became with the appearance of search engines. However, no one is better than the Google, the company that gave her name in the expression of search.

Google overwhelms important efforts to be "politically correct" and has accomplished it. Google is immortal, endless and remembers everything… is the tool the all humans need…
is the electronic paradise

...or the hell??

However, apart from all positive comments, Google it is accused for violation of personal data, because it keeps the elements of each researcher and take advantage of this by appearing advertises that interests him. More over,it is accused for violation of intellectual rights; in 2004 were revealed that existed contract between Google and University of Michigan for digital transformation of university's library without having the permission of the writers that were exposed.

These are the facts.... now its your turn to request yourself... Google is so innocent as you thought???

Σάββατο, 1 Δεκεμβρίου 2007

Music News...


Good things come to those who wait and for those of you who've been patiently waiting for Portishead's third album to finally be released. Their first album in 10 years will reportedly hit shelves this spring. Portishead will reportedly release their first new album in more than 10 years this spring.

In April, we will have the opportunity to listen the group's first album since 'Portishead' in 1997. Meanwhile, the band are gearing up to perform December 7-9 in Minehead at the All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas, where they will be playing their first full live set featuring new material in nearly 10 years.

Portishead said at their official website; "We have always loved the All Tomorrow's Parties set up and we're happy our first shows will be there. It's great to have the opportunity to introduce bands we love or have influenced us. We've chosen a diverse collection of artists to play with us and we're really looking forward to it." Details of the line up will be announced at www.portishead.co.uk/ and at the All Tomorrow's Parties site www.atpfestival.com where you'll also find details of how to buy tickets, accommodation available and how to get there.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his iconic "Thriller" album with a new edition of it. On 11 February 2008 Epic/Legacy Recordings will release the new “Thriller”. It will include remixes by Kanye West, Akon and will.i.am, plus rare and unreleased material from the time period. The album also features a new version of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with both Akon and will.i.am. This new version, will include the unreleased track "For All Time," which was recording during "Thriller" but left on the cutting room floor. Jackson has personally mixed and mastered the song. "Thriller" will include a bonus DVD with the "Thriller," "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" videos, plus Jackson's performance of the latter cut during the 1983 NBC special "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever."

The original “Thriller” had remained for 37 weeks in the No1 of American chart, and was globally in Top 10 for 80 entire weeks. “Thriller” wrote history as the unique album with bigger number of sales in America for two possessed years. “Thriller” became multi- platinum in USA, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Great Britain and other countries. Took also 12 candidatures for Grammy and gained in total eight rewards.

Τετάρτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2007

Lost in the airport!

During the last weeks in the trains and buses of London was an advertisement with few citizens who declares that they reached their destination without delays but they had to wait for at least 2 hours in order to wait for their suitcases. These are the lucky passengers because there are passengers who reach their destination but they have lost forever their suitcases.
According to a well- known airline “At least 10,000 bags checked in by a well-known passengers have gone missing at airports since the UK security alert began” It also said half of them were still piled up at airports waiting to be delivered back to their owners.
Recent figures from the Air Transport Users Council (AUC) show passengers and their luggage are parted to the tune of 30m lost bags a year.
The AUC points out that 85% of bags are reunited with their owners within 48 hours. But what happens to the remaining 15%?

What a passenger should do after he realizes that he lost his suitcase? Initially it should get in touch with the airline desk, to inform them that his luggage is missing. Present baggage receipts and describe his bag. Take a copy of the paperwork, a telephone number and the name of a supervisor before leaving the airport. Ask about expenses to cover essential items: some airlines offer cash on request.
Two days later: By now, 85% of lost luggage is back with its owners. Keep receipts for essential purchases made during this period and get progress reports if your bag hasn’t been located.
Twenty-one days later: According to the Montreal Convention, your luggage is now officially lost. You are entitled to a maximum of £820 compensation from the airline, exclusive of any other sums paid, but you could do better claiming on travel insurance.

But what is going on with all these lost suitcases? If, after three months, the airline hasn’t traced the owner, they come to auction houses such as Greasby’s, in Tooting, south London. About 1,000 unclaimed items pour into Greasby’s each month. Shoes, electricals, valuables, and accessories are removed from the cases and sold separately; the cases themselves are sold sealed, containing only the clothes.

In case that you still want to try to find your suitcase… the addresses are:
• Greasby’s auctions are held every Tuesday, at 10.30am, at Longley Road, Tooting, SW17 (020 8672 2972, www.greasbys.co.uk ).
• Other lost-luggage auctions take place at Wellers Auctions (01932 568 678, www.wellers-auctions.co.uk ) in Guildford and at BCVA (0117 9533676 www.dnfa.com/bcva ) in Bristol

Τρίτη, 9 Οκτωβρίου 2007

London 2012 is calling!!!

London 2012… Olympic games will take place to London. But is this city prepared enough?

According to the official website of London 2012 “London 2012 Games don't just mean 60 days of sport and culture. They're an opportunity to transform one of the most deprived parts of London, and to leave a lasting social, economic and environmental legacy for future generations.”

An Olympic park that will be located in the Lower Law Valley, which will be 2 times the size of Heathrow 5 . Also, an extension at DLR will be the main public constructions.

“The aim is 100% of spectators to get to the games by public transport, cycling or foot”. This will happen by using the upgrade railway lines. DLR is being extended with parts, which are connecting Canning Town- Stratford International and a 2.5 km under the Thames from King George V-Woolwich Arsenal. Furthermore, there will be 55 additional rails cars. In addition, they will take care of the signaling system of Jubilee Line. This will reduce journey times. Moreover, a new entry will take place in London buses. “ibus” will help the passenger with improved predictions at bus stops, real time on board buses. And all this visual and audio in order to help disabled passengers and those who will face problems with the language! Additionally, many spectators will have the opportunity to use River services that will help to transport them along the Thames.

According to the official website 8.6 million tickets will be available for the Olympic games, with another 1.5m for the Para- Olympic Games. Tickets will be available from 2011. Passengers will be having the opportunity to use their ticket for the public transport system too, for the day of the event. Details of how to purchase tickets will be announced nearer the time.

The main point is to make sure that every single visitor will feel like at home without finding any difficulties with the languages or the faith, or culture!!!

So the only thing now is to wait and see if all these plans will be ok to the future, if they will reach the deadlines and finally if these Olympic Games would be such safe as all the previous!!!!

Σάββατο, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2007

When I grow up i will become an arsonist!

Have you ever been in a place where the sky was grey-brown, the air full of smoke and the sun - a dim spot?
I had this experience this Summer.

Disastrous fires that swept through southern Greece in August, destroyed more than 97,000 hectares of forest. The fires in the Peloponnese peninsula south of Athens burned over 170,000 hectares (420,000 acres) overall, including agricultural land mostly covered in olive groves. The fires have gutted hundreds of homes, forcing thousands of villagers to blacken hillsides. More than 800 homes and nearly 800 stables were destroyed, according to the Greek Ministry of Environment, in blazes that raged from August 24 to September 3. Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics, was in danger too, but firefighters managed to keep it safe.

Firefighting aircraft from several countries were helping Greece tackle devastating forest fires.Water-bombing aircraft from France, Italy and Canada were in action, with more international aid expected. Thousands of Greek firefighters were being supported by 20 water-bombing planes and 19 helicopters. At least 11 countries were helping Greece fight the fires with planes, helicopters and commando firefighters.

There are many reasons for the fires. First of all the "unprecedented meteorological". Furthermore, some "organised plan of extermination of country". That is to say, the enemy that accommodates always us. And finally, a lot of people are asking to have a look at a certain map of auctioning of "Ionias Road", the new motorway of north-western Peloponisso. Do you want to see from the areas that it passes? Gastoyni, Amaliada, Tower, Ancient Olympia, Anemochorio, Samiko, Zacharo, Figaleia, Cypresses, Dorio, Megalopolis, Krestaina etc. So, someone who would try to find an answer would easily understand that the work of manufacture of street that became destruction of environment would bring important delays in his completion. All these before, because now, as from marvel (!) the ground became cheaper and reactions changed orientation. The work of manufacture of street became easier.

The Greek government said that villas and towns must not be allowed to grow in the area, as often happens in these cases in Greece!

In my opinion all of us we will be guilty for the fires until i will see be touched one of the arsonists and be condemned the fair and the clean hearing process.
Your own conclusions…